Here at Ice Locker we pride ourselves on being a one stop shop for all your skate sharpening needs. We have a full trained experianced Skate Grinding Technician working within Ice Locker who is able to provide advice regarding sharpening and blade fitting

Day Hand Sharpening Machine Sharpening  Blade Fitting & Other Bespoke Services
Monday 11am-4.30pm 11am-6.30pm 11am-4.30pm
Tuesday 11am-4.30pm 11am-6.30pm 11am-4.30pm
Wednesday 11am-3.30pm 11am-6.30pm 11am-3.30pm
Thursday 11am-3.30pm 11am-6.30pm 11am-3.30pm
Friday Limited Availablity  11am-6.30pm  
Saturday 9am-12.30pm 9am-4.30pm 9am-12.30pm
Sunday Limited Availablity  9am-4.30pm  

Where availablity is limited, please call Ice Locker on 0115 853 3071

Skate Shapening

Hand Skate Sharpening £7.50

Our Skate Grinding Technician offers a full hand grind service. This service is available for all figure, goalie and hockey skates requesting a specific hollow.

Where possible we offer a while you wait service, but please call the store if you require a specific time slot.

Machine Skate Sharpening £6.50

Machine skate sharpening is able up until 30minutes before the store closes. The service is available for hockey skates only 


Blade Fitting & Conversions 

Our Skate Grinding Technician is also able to offer a full blade fitting and skate conversion service. This service costs £10 is you would need to leave your skates with us for a minimum of 36 hours.

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