About Ice Hockey Skates

Every hockey player pays huge credit to his skates for getting him to the net quickly. Other than strength and determination, a players skates are an essential factor to get that all important game win. Whether it’s through an assist or a winning Slapshot – it’s your skates that get you there!

Ice hockey skates have evolved huge amounts over the years, with brands such as Bauer, CCM, Warrior, Reebok, Easton and Graf leading the market, with skates featuring technology which is constantly improving. Our team of experts are trained to properly fit any player with hockey skates refelcting the level in which they are playing. Hockey skates come in different widths, as well as youth, junior and senior sizes; it is essential that a player is fitted correctly to get the best out of their game and to avoid injury.

Ice Locker offers skates at extremely low prices; as well as high end skates, which aren’t as cheap as your basic level skate, but match those used in the NHL by professional ice hockey players. For example the newly released Bauer Vapor 1x is endorsed by Chicago Blackhawks Patrick Kane and features the new, revolutionary SpeedPlate. This skate along with many others available at Ice Locker are worn by many professional players on the ice across the world.

Ice Locker know the importance of a players skates and along with expert advice and fittings, we also offer professional blade grinding at very low prices. Trust us with your wheels, we won’t let you down!

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