True A6.0 SBP Senior Stick

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True A6.0 SBP Senior Stick


The True A6.0 Intermediate Stick is the premier model in the 2nd generation of the A-Series Line by True. The big change can be found in the blade where they used BRT or Braided Rib Technology. Using a drastically different approach to blade construction, True was able to increase the A6.0 SBP's blade strength by 50%, making sure the stick maintains the same great puck feel for a long time.


  • SmartPly with 100% Carbon Twill 
  • Axenic True-One Piece Construction:
  • Variable Kick Point via SmartFlex Technology 
  • Rounded Corners with Slightly Concave Sidewalls
  • Grip stick finish
  • Braided Rib Technology (BRT)
  • 100% Carbon Twill Weave Wrap

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