CCM Super Tacks 2.0 Senior Stick

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CCM Super Tacks 2.0 Senior Stick


The CCM Super Tacks 2.0 Senior Stick is the top of the range stick in the 3rd generation Super Tacks Line. Building off of the successful Ultra Tacks Stick, CCM wanted to offer more shot power without sacrificing the release. Their solution was to stiffen the hosel area while softening the upper handle, which accentuated the already great release of the Tacks sticks.


  • Fused one-piece construction
  • Premium carbon fiber and resin system
  • New and improved Bumper Technology
  • Optimized "Dual-Flex" Mid Kick Point
  • Rounded Corners with Straight Sidewalls
  • Light grip coating with strategically raised shaft texture
  • AcuLite Blade Core

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