CCM Ribcor Trigger Senior Stick

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CCM Ribcor Trigger Senior Stick


The CCM Ribcor Trigger Senior Stick boasts the quickest shot release from any CCM stick to date thanks to the new carbon fiber layup called the ASY-1 flex profile. CCM was able to achieve and validate results with their new state of the art Stick Lab, which truly allowed them to pin point and to fine tune the "Moment of Release" which is the key factor in speeding up the shot release.


  • RibCor Pop Matrix Technology
  • Technora™ Aramid Fiber Reinforcement
  • Fused One-Piece with Tri-Matrix Carbon Fiber
  • Power Taper 3:1 Ratio 
  • Optimized Low-kick Point via the new ASY-1 Flex Profile 
  • Straight sidewalls with rounded corners
  • Grip stick coating
  • New Ascent Blade 2 Construction

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