CCM Hockey

CCM began manufacturing Ice Hockey gear from left over pieces of steel at their bicycle factory in 1905. Since then, it has all been uphill climbing for this popular and trusted ice hockey brand. With their ongoing slogan that they are ‘Made of Hockey’, CCM obtain a players trust through their passion and pure love of hockey; through this an instant connection is made with the boys and girls on the ice, and each player has confidence that they are relying on the right brand.

CCM ice hockey skates are made up of three main families: Tacks/RBZ, designed for extreme acceleration and agility; these skates store and release energy with forceful power, quickly separating any skater from their opposition on the ice. The Ribcor offers a tapered fit with unparalleled customization features; this range showcases the 40K, 42K, 44K, 46K, 48K and 50K skates with their innovative design providing a personalized fit, plus, the added Pump technology eliminates negative space at the back of the foot, further emphasizing the locked in feel and ensures an outcome of improved agility and speed. Along with these comes the new JetSpeed Skate, which features the new RocketFrame technology for explosive foot power; CCM have focused on their ankle support and heel lock in this skate to ensure an intimidating and unforgiving ‘take off’. The distinct customization that CCM has put into their ice hockey skates is noticeable in the unique fit of each skate. CCM take pride in creating that comfortable and locked in fit which is designed to alter your performance on the ice.

The stick ranges’ from CCM are ever growing and continuously powerful. The families consist of these three main lines: RibCor, which was rebranded and developed from the Reebok RibCor line, for insanely quick release. This stick takes pride in presenting one of the quickest release shots on the market, boasting of a ‘pre-loaded’ stick which puts ridiculous power behind the puck to get it exactly where you want it to be. The CCM Tacks line of sticks combines explosive power with intricate accuracy, making it a deadly weapon for any hockey player with a net in their sites. These CCM sticks feature an Ultra AttackFrame Blade which presents a balanced feel so that the handler has the confidence to play like the pro’s. Finally, The CCM RBZ Stick Line is spearheaded by the RBZ SuperFast Stick and it's innovative TaylorMade SpeedPocket Technology. This redesigned, hollow and foamless blade increases C.O.R. (coefficient of restitution) by 50% compared to the previous RBZ Stage 2. More C.O.R. means more power and with the new design, the RBZ SuperFast Stick has the most C.O.R. on the market and it has fastest shot from a CCM Stick to date!

CCM also put great care into their protective gear to ensure a player has no need to worry about injury or fault, and need only concentrate on the puck in front of them. CCM have really gained the trust of hockey players around the world by proving their dedication to the sport and ability to create new and improved ways of playing the game safely, confidently, and passionately.

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