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bauer 3d skate scan

Step into the future with the new Bauer 3D Skate Lab! 

The innovative 3D skate scanner brings cutting-edge technology that enables our skate fitting experts to find the best fit for YOUR game. Our 3D skate lab allows us to scan your feet, providing us with an accurate detailed analysis. From this we can obtain a precise size, width and heel depth to determine which fit is best for you, whether it be SUPREME, VAPOR or NEXUS. 

Now available in-store at Ice Locker Nottingham!

About Bauer

Bauer was the first hockey company to create skates with the blade permanently attached to the boot. This innovation was marketed under the name ‘Bauer Supreme’, which may sound familiar to some of you loyal Bauer players, as it is to this day used in Bauer marketing.

Bauer currently occupies around 49% of the global market for hockey gear, with 90% of professional players in the NHL wearing at least one piece of Bauer equipment. Players such as Alexander Ovechkin, Henrik Lundqvist and and Steven Stamkos all put their trust in Bauer for their on and off ice equipment. Bauer first launched into top rankings for ice hockey gear with their introduction of the TUUK blade holder in 1970; since then, they have become a valued brand in the world of hockey with no sign of deterioration.

Bauer currently consists of four main ranges or ‘collections’. The Vapor range, for dynamic speed, the Nexus range, for pure control, the Supreme range for explosive power and the Prodigy range for younger players. Ice Locker proudly stocks all collections and as the UK’s only Bauer Pro Store; we are confidently equipped with the knowledge to advise any player on any piece of Bauer equipment.

Ice Locker are always up to date with any new releases and product launches, as well as stocking a good amount of sale Bauer items and excellent offers. For Bauer knowledge and equipment, look no further!


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